The Oppression of My Spirit

My spirit cries out in pain
I am being smothered
Unable to breathe
What could I possibly gain?
We are all so controlled
All for our little degrees
They claim such great fame
I have not yet discovered
Their acclaimed popularity
My person they have maimed
They try so hard to uncover
The person inside me
They used to have a name
But now they do no longer
Their fame has gone to greed
Whatever they so claimed
Has now been revealed
Their corruption I now see
I see them all so lame
All they do is blabber
About being so free
But I see their way
Their actions are their blunder
They force us all to fade
Through their false facade
They dig down deep under
They stifle my spirit’s plea
It now cries for day
It surely now flounders
and cries out to be free

At this place I stay
My soul is oppressed
And cries out inside of me