The New Year

To my dearest twenty fourteen
What an adventure it has been
The ups and downs, the highs and lows
The stagnant times and times to grow
I will treasure your memories
And remember your melodies
I stand and wave to you goodbye
As to my history you fly

To my future twenty fifteen
Oh what sights are yet to be seen
The good and bad, happy and sad
Let’s make this year totally rad
I look forward to trips with you
And all the awesome things we’ll do
With hopeful thoughts from head to toe
I welcome you and say hello


In the distance there, look
I see clouds of green and white
In the sky at high up heights
The greens hang low to the ground
They give out a groaning sound
When I look closer I see the leaves
They swing and dance off their trees
The wind reaches out with mighty voice
To share with us, life’s great joys Continue reading “Visions”