Lost and Lonely

Dreams of blue and hues of color
Flood my waking thoughts of slumber
I have been at lack of sleep now
Staying up til so late an hour

My insides collide emotionally
Like foaming, frothing oceans of fury
And so with sullen sadness I bow
To patiently wait it out

All will find a way
And bring another day
Anger will subside
And altogether die

Billows of thoughts bring pain
A promise of a coming rain
Bringing me my freedom
Auspicious of a day to come

Come closer my happiness
Bring me but a small sweet kiss
Collide with my emptiness
Break away my loneliness

Dancing shadows bring me joy
Charcoals and embers contrast that void
Deep down I feel that weight
Churn and crush, but eventually fade

Evoke in me my creation
Draw out my imagination
Elysium come quickly
Drink me in like sweet tea

Finalize my journey’s purification
Enter my dreams of pure creation
Folds of reality fade away
evoking different shades of gray

Grayness turn to color
Find solace in another
Give me dreams anew
Fulfill my waking slumber

Hold me to my promises
Guide me through these precious days
Heal the pain and loneliness
Germinate a happy bliss

I’m looking forward to that morning
How it will make me want to sing
Interweave my delicate colors
Hues of blue and fresh new flowers