Blank Sheet

Everybody wants a clean slate
Everybody wants to start over
What if we could just reset
Everybody wants a clean slate

So much crap is in our lives
So much wrong, so many lies
What if we could change it all
That we could walk, not fall

Broken souls are everywhere
Broken souls, unaware
What if we could see each other
That we could help one another

It’s like a maze of mirrors
It’s like a grave of blunders
We all just see ourselves
Lost in our lonely hells

Let your nightmares melt away
Fight them all another day
Listen to the music
The guitar and the pick

Fight and break away from hell
Listen to the warning bell
Change your dim lit future
Go on an adventure

Start over on a brand new page
Break out of your lonely cage
Fight until it’s very late
Everybody wants a clean slate