Home is where I wish to be
Home is where I cannot be
Home is how I know I’m me
Home is what I cannot see

Nowhere on earth is my home
how can one be so alone?
One of these days I know though
I’ll say, “Heaven is my home.”

The Worst Day Ever

What a day this has been and will be
Why in the world did this happen to me?
This morning I woke up late
It’s a good thing I don’t believe in fate
I start school early and end work late
I’m so hungry I might as well eat fish bait
Three tests, a lab, and an essay tackle me
I feel almost as helpless as a flea
But God will hold me up like a mug
When I feel as helpless as a bug
So today was and will never
Not be the worst day ever

Answered Prayer

So many things have happened to me
I had to be broken so that I could be whole
I had to be enslaved to be free
On the road that I travelled before
I met much happiness and joy
But also pain that cut to my core
My heart was broken so painfully
I was a slave to my own death
Then you came so I could rest peacefully
At once I knew so clear
You are an answered prayer