Tired As Hell

Tired as hell I stand and stagger
To the sink, to the bathroom
I press forward in a lonely swagger

The room is alive and well
It moves as does my head
And throws me to my bed

The sleep engulfs me in warmth so precious
Down, down, down I go
To the depths of my subconscious

This is my escape from life
My one true rest from strife
Someday I’ll get my wish
And lay in peaceful restfulness

Why do I feel this way you ask
Well I shall give you my answer
Sit still and and wait and bask
In the pain that life provides you
It is not a physical pain
Nor merely a mental one
It is as the rain to the atmosphere
Or the force behind your tears
It is the pain of love

The one thing we all miss
The one thing from above
It clears away the gloomy mist
And shows us the proper way
This is what life lacks
Now where was I?
What was I talking about?
Where did my words all fly?
And in what sort of route?
Did I say anything great?
Why did I just write what I wrote?
Did it have to do with fate?
All these answers I do not know.

I have more questions
I have more thoughts
Just answer them for me
Just let me rest in peace
I just want to know the answers
I just want to rest my thoughts
But will they ever really rest
Or is this for the best
Will I ever find the answers
To my quest for peace
What will rid me of this cancer
This cancer of my mind

Why do I wonder so much
Why do I even think?
What is the meaning of all this?
I just keep asking a bunch
And pushing to the brink
What little is left of this

This lonely man, that’s me
That is me, that is me….

Psh… I need to get to sleep
To all of my readers, read this and wonder
Wonder of all the answers
Wonder of all the questions
Wonder of the meaning of all this
And now go off to live your life
Go and live your life
But keep all this in mind

Until next time,
Tim Hong