A Place Not Far Away

Somewhere nearby
Around the corner in the sky
There is a beautiful place
There are trees that fly
And nothing ever dies
In that beautiful, beautiful place
The flowers for joy they cry
There are no more annoying flies
In that joyful, restful place
On the water rocks do lie
Without a care on their own mind
In that placid, carefree place

Nothing is painful nothing is bad
In this awesome place I know
Everyone is happily clad
In tunics sewn of gold

To get there you must swim
Through the golden glimmers of Glim
Go until the lights turn dim
In the caverns under Glim
Keep on until the path pulls thin
In the slender narrows of Glim
Then you’ll reach the waterfall
The source of goodness for Glim
It is where we are happy, where we don’t bawl