Whole Again

Lost in a dark valley of depression,
I search for my cure.
Something about me had a torn complexion
Yet what it was I was not sure
So there I stared at my reflection
How long could I endure?
My image, my false facade, yearned direction
Latching onto all those false lures

I search and searched for years
Holding back my tears
Fighting all that I feared
For all I hold dear
And through all those hard years
My enemies jeered
Then one day all became clear
I saw you right here

Who you were I do not know
But whether friendly friend or fearless foe
It was you who let me go
You helped me rise, you helped me grow
You saved me from my wretched low
And raised me to my happy throne

Thanks for making me me again
I did not know the severity of my affliction
It really had changed me, but now I work on
Going back to the way things were