The Battle of The Night

Reflections fade into the distance
The road before us clears for our entrance
Whispering moonlight blankets the very air
From its sky high palace does it stare
The forest glows for a moment in time
Then fades into the darkness of the night
Stars in their celestial realms ponder simply vexed
They know not at all what will happen next
Trees march passed to a place far off
In a sullen trot they go… to war
Forest animals scurry about their shifting feet
They too go to deliver their fierce battle greet
Out comes gleaming metal and fiery lights
A single hero, an armored, hooded knight
The battlefield approaches far off yonder
To battle, the trees continue to meander
Soon the fight will begin and war will break out
A tremulous beating fills the air to a deafening amount
Skies are blackened by the flying beings of the land
The earth resonates in a terrifying chant
Enemies of the night approach, battle stirs
Lines charge at each other in a wild blurr
The knight charges forward towards the fight

Continued…. [Jan 4, 2013]
For his valiance and bravery, this shall become the Battle of The Knight
For his cunning and wisdom, he shall be called a wizard
For his intellect and grace, he shall be called a bard
Many will see and remember that fight of the knight
And wish for all eternity for all of their lives
To have been there to have seen it themselves
The fierce warriors and demons of hell
Cries of valiance and cries of terror
Filled the battlefield with honor and horror
Turmoil both inside and outside
Like the never-ending flow of the tide
Forward into the oblivion of eternity
This was what it surely would have been
If the knight had not come out and fought
In the battle he was a mere dot
But he nevertheless charged into the fight
Straight into the battle of the night
He turned the tide and created a victor
And so for all eternity he shall burn
Brilliantly climbing in the eastern skies
Forever and everywhere the sun shall rise
The knight will be the key to turning the tide
While we sleep he shall fight for the sunrise