Life of Tim

The End

It began five years ago
on a day much like this
I went away from home

That first step that I took
That final goodbye wave
In which was said, “good luck.”

That first heart-wrenching tear
As I realized the end
And was held tight by fear

A new beginning ahead
A dream lingering behind
What would this future be like?
What could I possibly find?
The future was one big web

The Arrival

There I was at long last
College, my future home
Life was just way too fast

Time to find some new friends
With whom to move forward
Until our final ends

Select a future you
And sign up for classes
Every choice was so huge

So began my brand new life
A sparkling new path in front
I could decide my future
Life could pull any small stunt
Yet nothing could dim that light (edited line [Jul 15, 2014])

Part 1

Dorm life was fun and new
It all would be alright
With all this stuff to do

But with good comes the bad
Friends still had to depart
And leave you feeling sad

I began to realize
Life’s just always like this
Full of friends and goodbyes

Added [Jul 15, 2014]

It was time to buckle down
Friends show up no matter what
So work now and party later
Learn the things that you are taught
Push on the required amount

Part 2

Now school consumed my life
I always was busy
I had but zero time

Oh all the stress and pain
It keeps you from sleeping
And locks you into place

This was when I then saw
Who my best friends would be
They would help me along

{To be continued someday later…}