Author(s): Tim Hong & Mike Congdon

Verse 1

Evening breeze, flowing through my hands
Sitting here, chilling with the band
This is how we spend our free time
Writing some stupid little rhymes
Let the beat flow away from us
Never stop to think what it does
We’re gonna write music tonight
Continue to the morning light


So won’t you sing with us tonight
Stay here with us, or say your goodbyes


Here we go (Hey Oh)
Let’s write another song
Here we go (Hey Oh)
Sing along
Here we go (Hey Oh)
Singing songs about you and me, tonight we’re free

Verse 2

Morning light, brings us a new page
Something new, we could do today
We will fill it with memories
Good times we’ll remember these
Stupid things said to you last night
Apologies, hope we make things right
The music it will make this good
Come on now, lets get back in the mood