In The Bustle of Life

There once was a lonely soul
He wandered in the midst of a crowd
And though he never thought aloud
He would get lost in the blackness of his eyes
He would lose all his mental ties
And get lost in the blackest hole

The world in wakeful rumble
Trying with noise and sights and senses
To destroy his mental fences
He would lock himself away
In the safety of that place
Until one fateful day he stumbled

Breaking out in a world so bright
He found himself in the arms of another
And was so sure into heaven he had entered
For an angel gazed into his startled eyes
Straight into his deepest loneliness
And so it was a woman had shown him the light

The hair on her head flowed down in curls
Down to her shoulders past the softest face
Through her he found a different place
And as he stared into her deep brown eyes
He saw the loneliness hiding inside
In her eyes his world would unfurl

He closed his eyes, shutting them tight
And hoped and wished this wasn’t a dream
But all the doubts, how wildly they teamed
And when it was all too much, he opened his eyes
And saw the truths, the false in his lies
She was still there, as if glowing with light

And so the two were brought together
To keep each other company
When times would get so lonely
They would dream of a faraway future
A family of three and a baby to nurture
The two lonely souls, a couple forever