October skies, Sunday mornings,
Morning lights of blue and green
Subtle notes warm the chilly air
A new dawn, auspicious and fair
A new start, so very rare

The sun shines from its throne
It brings life to this little home
Put to death the night long past
Forget the things that do not last
Get back on life’s long path

Hungry Birds

These small birds are all over the place
It seems as though they’re all in some race
They come close on daring ventures
Looking for food pure or impure
They’re all hungry for lunch
For something to munch

What I See This Day

At a loss for what to do or think
I sit and relate what I see
It is late in the day, yet the sun still is shining. Flying is just another experience. Why is it that I’m taken back every time I look out the age battered windows and see a miniature world frozen far below me?
The sun illuminates my immediate world
It burns and glows like a white hot coal
Through the soft melodies flowing into my ears I hear the overpowering roar of this large metal bird as it cuts through the upper skies, now reduced to a soft thrumm by the caps within my ears.